Company Trajectory

Back in 2013, Escultores del Aire’s artistic director, Mai Rojas, premiered The Legend of the Faun and The Journey, a show later sought after by Cirque du Soleil.

From that point on, Escultores del Aire’s artistic director has premiered a new show per year steadily up until this day – and is planning to keep that routine into the future, as well.

The above is how Game Over came to be in 2014 in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

By 2015, Cada Recuerdo Tiene Su Canción comes out, which is followed by Tuberías in 2016 as a co-production with TodoZancos.

As an exception to the yearly creation, what Escultores del Aire manages in 2017 is the creation of a new production company, ME Entertainment & Arts, for which Escultores becomes its star theater company.

Yet, the show production rhythm is quickly resumed with the premier of La Caja in 2018, a show that has been acclaimed by NUVOL as “A delicious piece of fine pastry to be savored slowly.”

Vermut con Olivas is the new show for 2019, a year when La Caja also went on tour through the United States and Costa Rica.