Escultores del Aire

About Us

The mission of Los Escultores del Aire is to share its own way of understanding art through its shows and workshops, with the desire to excite and make people’s hearts vibrate through the universal language of movement. Their work is based on the miscegenation of different performing arts. His works have been represented and awarded in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States, Germany, Macedonia, Morocco, Italy, Andorra, Colombia, Poland, Sweden, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

Each body has stories to tell, Los Escultores del Aire proposes a space for meeting and exchange that lives and breathes between the performer and the viewer.

The company’s base values ​​are:


Its artistic and pedagogical project has achieved public and private international recognition that supports his walking with certain steps thanks to his highly qualified members.

Los Escultores del Aire is a collective that branches out into the creation of shows, training workshops and the generator of special events.

It also makes its way into the online world through its training workshops, building international bridges where physical borders make real contact with our community difficult.

This path has led them to open the doors to audiovisual language, where they collaborate with different filmmakers, venturing into public television and independent projects.

Mai Rojas y Raffaella Crapio (artistic directors of Los Escultores del Aire), are tireless generators of products with a defined value and vision that identify the company.

Working as a team with their partners Esteban Siles and Carolina Blanco, they implement a clear, safe and firm strategy with the aim of being a point of reference not only for their value and originality but also for their innovative business entrepreneurship project.

Meet our team members