Escultores del Aire


Los Escultores del Aire premiered as a company in January 2014 with the show La Leyenda del Fauno & El viaje. At that time, known as Mai Rojas and Los Escultores del Aire given the solo career that their artistic director carried behind his back.

With this one-man show, the company has traveled the world, winning several awards, and hanging several medals such as having crowned Broadway or being the closing show in Dallas next to the mythical Odín Theater by Eugenio Barba.

That same year, Mai Rojas was hired again by Cirque du Soleil to play its star character (El Fauno) in the Scalada Mater Natura show, under the artistic direction of the renowned French choreographer Stephane Boko.

The year 2014 was also the premiere of his second show: Game Over with a cast of 4 actors and a pianist. It was from this montage that Matías Muñoz sealed his continuous participation as a stable composer of the company in all his shows.

In 2015 they premiered in Colombia their third show Cada recuerdo tiene su canción (Every Memory has its song), and with three shows in its repertoire the company establishes a 3-year relationship with the network of civic centers in Barcelona to bring physical theater closer to the popular public through its shows.

Together with the pop singer Ari Ann Wire they present their debut album Mindnight Songs in the mythical Luz de Gas, opening the way to a path that would lead them to collaborate in special events where their aesthetics and strength would mark and define their identity stamp.

From these alliances, Tuberías was born in 2016, a co-production with the Todozancos circus company. With this show they will tour the Spanish geography for 2 years within the National Theater Network, being part of the distribution catalog of the prestigious Pentación Espectáculos lead by Jesús Cimarro.

In 2018, together with the Los Despiertos Costa Rica Artistic Community, he created the Embrujarte consortium to annually shape an international festival of performing arts in Costa Rica. In the same year, the company’s expectations are exceeded and the name changes to Los Escultores del Aire / Physical Theater. It was decided to expand the group and open a public call for what would be their fifth show: La Caja (The Box), premiered in Poland that same year on a tour that would include New York, New Jersey, Barcelona and Costa Rica.

After receiving more than 250 applications, Los Escultores del Aire created their stable cast with which they currently carry out research and teaching work.

In 2019 they became the resident company of the Nau Ivanow, a public institution dedicated to the promotion and development of theater in Barcelona. It is together with them that they manage to shape their most daring projects.

In 2020, during the pandemic, they are looking for a way to give a creative turn to the situation, finding in the limitation an opportunity to reinvent themselves and they start something that they know how to do very well: teach.

They create 4 online workshops:

They also leave a virtual record on their Vimeo channel in the form of tutorials and master classes related to the arts of movement.

Once the pandemic situation is normalized, they resume their intensive face-to-face workshops LAB PROJECT ALQUIMIA and open a continuous weekly training space under the name of LAB PROJECT ACADEMY, which aims to train and create a pool of future collaborating artists in the company’s projects.

In 2021 they do a step into the television:

The Alchemy of the Body. A miniseries of 3 chapters of 25 minutes each for the cultural streaming platform LifemediaGo. A fictionalized tutorial on the working alchemy of Los Escultores del Aire.

Antibodies, a danced fiction that aims to give a voice to silenced bodies. A social-themed miniseries produced and broadcast by TV3 that has brought together in 5 chapters several of the main contemporary dance groups in the Catalan industry.

2022 is the year of Los Escultores del Aire. After postponing its performances due to the covid, the company returns to the ring with its sixth show: A Skin Poem for a Cosy House. An act of resilience created in the living room of the house of its directors Mai and Raffaella during the months of confinement due to COVID-19.


Los Escultores del Aire have:

  • Won 12 international awards
  • Participated in around 30 special events
  • Taught more than 35 workshops
  • Organized and managed 5 festivals
  • Performed in 15 countries and more than 50 cities
  • Guided and accompanied 12 companies in their creative processes
  • Recorded 2 TV shows
  • Generated job opportunities for more than 75 artists, 7 technicians, 5 administrative assistants and 3 graphic designers

We are more than grateful for all the support received and full of enthusiasm for continuing to share everything that grow in our minds.

Awards Received

  • Second prize for the best show

    Toledo, 2022

  • Best scenery

    Toledo, 2022

  • Best Makeup and Characterization


  • Third Prize for the Best Show


  • Best Show Award

    New York, 2019

  • Best Director Award

    New York, 2019

  • Best Actor Award

    New York, 2019

  • Special Judge Award


  • Best Actor Award

    Broadway, 2018

  • Best Show Award

    Macedonia, 2016