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  • Mai Rojas

    Specialist in Physical Theater and Corporal Mime. He has a degree in Textual Interpretation from the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid and a diploma in mime from the International School of Corporeal Mime in London. He has worked as a performer for the Theater de L’Ange Fou and the Cirque du Soleil. In 2014 he created and led Los Escultores del Aire.

    With several international awards, he develops between the stage and teaching with his untiring passion for research in the arts of movement.

  • Esteban Siles

    Marketing and Business Development specialist.

    With his extensive experience in different areas, Esteban brings the vision and structure to our team.

    Together with Mai Rojas, they design and shape the products created by our company.

  • Second prize for the best show

    Toledo, 2022

  • Best scenery

    Toledo, 2022

  • Lab Project Face to Face

    A continuous training space in Physical Theater and cradle of artists from Los Escultores del Aire.
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  • Lab Project Online

    A space for development and research around the body and its expressive possibilities.
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  • Raffaella Crapio

    Dancer, choreographer, and professional pedagogue.

    Graduated from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in Choreography and Interpretation of Dance and guest student at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. She has danced for Pere Faura at the Mercat de les Flors during the Grec 2020 Festival and has been a guest soloist at the International Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgard in Germany.

    Awarded by the I Lake dance Festival 2018 for her artistic career and social involvement through dance. Performer and co-creator with Los Escultores del Aire since 2018.

  • Martina Nanni

    Born in Sicily. Dancer and academic director.

    Graduated with a honors in Contemporary Dance from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London  and Master in Dance Therapy from the  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

    Discovers her passion for academic coordination, as well as the organization and administration of special events.

    She has been collaborating with Los Escultores del Aire since 2020, and joins their production team, strongly supporting the potential of this great project.

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  • La verdad

    The set up ends in the heart

  • Anticossos

    Ballant contra els prejudicis
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  • Lab Project Alquimia

    Long day face-to-face workshopLeer artículo

  • Skin Poem for a Cosy House

    Enjoy the soundtrack on Spotify!Leer artículo

  • La caja

    Coming back to New York!Leer artículo

  • Sirius Project

    Making choreographies for Hand Made Theatre!Leer artículo

  • The Alchemy of the Body

    An indiscreet camera sneaks into our day to day.Leer artículo

  • Antibodies

    Los Escultores del Aire make the leap to TV!Leer artículo

  • Lab Project Training Face to Face

    LAB PROJECT TRAINING (Face-to-face)

    Physical Theater in its purest form!

    As a professional it is very important not to abandon training, maintain the level and continue to evolve as an artist.

    Train with us under these three work focuses:

    • Warm up
    • Technique
    • Lab

    WHEN: Every Wednesday and Friday from January 10th to June 15th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (GMT + 1)

    PRICE: 90 eur (Monthly fee)

    PROFESSOR: Mai Rojas

  • Camila Pardini

    Degree in Acting from the National University of the Arts of Argentina.

    She completed the Postgraduate Course in Performing Arts and Movement-oriented Education at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

    She has complemented her training in dance, mime and aerobatics workshops.

    She teaches Mobility and Body Awareness classes from a therapeutic perspective of movement.

    She has been a member of Los Escultores del Aire since 2021.

  • Lab Project Online

    Our intensive workshop is back!

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  • TVE

    TVE 1

  • BETEVé


  • BCN TV

    BCN TV

  • Antena 3

    Antena 3

  • TV 3

    TV 3

  • Impacto Latino

    This is the gestural theater of Mai Rojas.

  • Santander

    Mai Rojas stars in Summer Nights.

  • La Vanguardia

    When the text is written with the body.

  • El Periódico

    Entre tres, s’estima millor.

  • El Diario

    Mai Rojas stars this week on summer nights.

  • Lab Project Training

    Train with us!
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  • El Viaje

    EL VIAJE talks about life.Leer artículo

  • Shock!

    What happens to your body when you enter a state of deep nervous and circulatory depression without losing consciousness after experiencing intense shock?

    SHOCK! It is the moving portrait of a character who sees his physical and emotional pillars collapse in the middle of a war conflict.


    Mai Rojas


    10 minutes

  • The kid nexto to me

    THE KID NEXT TO ME is a duet created and performed by father and son after many hours of sharing playful spaces around movement.

    It is an open letter to parental love, to fear, to the uncertainty of what it is to raise a child, and to the adult struggle to save that inner child that reminds us of the essentials in life.


    Mai Rojas and Leo Rojas


    8 minutes

  • We are in Spotify!

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  • Brandon Caritg

    Actor and audiovisual producer.

    Founder of the audiovisual production company Brandon Caritg Productions.

    He has directed and written several short films and documentaries.

    He co-directed with Mai Rojas the mini tutorial series La Alquímia del Cuerpo, streaming on LifeMediaGo.

    He is responsible for all the audiovisual content of the company.

    He collaborates with Los Escultores del Aire since 2019.

  • Sergio Grazia

    With a higher degree in Image, he began his career in stage lighting at the Mérida Classical Theater Festival in 2004. Among his most outstanding designs he has works for stage directors such as Joan Anton Rechi, Gerorge Lavaudant, Albert Boadella, Cuco Afonso, Ignasi Vidal and Mai Rojas.

    He collaborates with Los Escultores del Aire since 2016.

  • Next Show

    Los Escultores del Aire continúan ensayando su próximo espectáculo: A skin poem for a cosy house (working title). Este dúo interpretado por Mai Rojas y Raffaella Crapio será estrenado en New York en noviembre de 2021.

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  • Balada para una noche de luna llena

    Mai Rojas guest director Leer artículo

  • Lab Project Training Online

    ¡Entrénate con nosotros!
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  • A Skim Poem form a Cosy House

    New show in sight!
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  • La Caja

    Martinez suffers from a rare mental disorderLeer artículo

  • Los Escultores del Aire on TV

    We finished filming!Leer artículo

  • Edurne Arizu

    Composer, accordionist and singer.Settled in Barcelona, ​​she finished her higher music studies in Pamplona and continued in Barcelona where she studied musicology, musical theater and modern music.

    She has interpreted and written music for contemporary dance, circus and theater shows.

    As a pedagogue, she works as an accordion teacher at the Taller de Músics y Luthier.

    She collaborates with Los Escultores del Aire since 2018.

  • Sarah Bernardy

    Born in 1984 in Germany, she studied scenography and costume design at the Akademia Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht in the Netherlands and at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

    She worked as a scenographer assistant at the Schauspielhaus Bochum in Germany and as a set designer for the National Opera of Nancy and Montpellier, the Staatstheater Hannover, the Grec Festival and the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.

    In 2014 she directed “Viure. Sota vidre ”by Ewald Palmetshofer at Círcol Maldà and at Sala Beckett in Barcelona.

    She works regularly as a stage designer for Alfons Flores for the Frankfurt Opera, the National Opera of Amsterdam, the National Opera of Lille, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and the Opera National de Lyon with stage director Àlex Ollé de la Fura dels Baus.

    Set and costume designer for Los Escultores del Aire since 2018

  • Best Makeup and Characterization


  • Elvis Marshall

    Born in Barcelona in 1984. Actor and action specialist. Since childhood he practiced martial arts at a competitive level and his career evolved into the world of acrobatics and urban dance. Later his professional activity has drifted towards the world of acting after graduating from Actua Studio school. He frequently participates with Inextremis Film Service as a stunt actor specialist.

    He has been part of Los Escultores del Aire since 2018.

  • Matias Muñoz

    Pianist, composer, and arranger. He develops his musical studies at the Modern School of Music in Santiago de Chile and at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona.

    He specializes in jazz piano, arrangement, and composition.

    Leader of his band Mosaico Jazz Collective with whom he has recorded three albums and he is a member of Los Escultores del Aire since 2014.

  • Tuberías

    Four eccentric characters
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    A man suffers from insomnia, his memories disturb him, the light flickers and the radio is lost on the dial.

    The melodies heard on the decomposed radio led him to travel through the memories that marked his life from childhood to adulthood.

    A work with echoes of cabaret with live music, theater and dance.


    In an old shop window, behind opaque, powdered glass, four toys worn by time and grief await a buyer to bring them out of their confinement. They have long kept their hope, but she too has become a used item, worn out by routine … sometimes unbearable.

    A show that talks about second chances, with a raw and surreal aesthetic that fuses movement, text and live piano music.

  • La Leyenda del Fauno y el Viaje

    A Visual Symphony in two movements created and performed by Mai Rojas.
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  • Lab Project Creation

  • Lab Project Repertoire

  • Lab Project Dance

  • Lab Project Technique

  • Lab Project Online

  • Lab Project Technique

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  • Lab Project Millennial

  • Lab Project Alquimia

  • Gervasi Juan

    Lighting and sound professional since 1999.

    His career includes Rent musicals, such as Bagdad Cafe, Notre Damme de Paris, Gaudí, Peter Pan, among others.

    He is the technical manager of 2 important theaters in Barcelona and continues with national and international tours with theater and dance companies.

    He has collaborated with Los Escultores del Aire since 2022.

  • Noldan Briceño

    Advertising designer and web developer.  He has worked in all fields of advertising design for print, magazines, large format and more.

    Advances along with the new market trends and needs of the modern world in the design and development of applications on mobile devices for iOS and Android, leading a small native development team.

    He joins Los Escultores del Aire to give its support to this great project.

  • Third Prize for the Best Show


  • Best Show Award

    New York, 2019

  • Best Director Award

    New York, 2019

  • Best Actor Award

    New York, 2019

  • Special Judge Award


  • Best Actor Award

    Broadway, 2018

  • Best Show Award

    Macedonia, 2016